Lotus Nails Salon

Why a lotus flower? Lotus flowers are known to grow in murky and dirty ponds. It flourishes and shows us that beauty and strength can grow anywhere, even in the most ugly places. The lotus flower has been associated with purity and beauty and has been a powerful and spiritual image for many decades in many religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Here at Lotus Nails, we strive to provide a reliable, relaxing, and enjoyable environment for our customers. We want our customers to come into our salon and feel like they have arrived to their second home and share positive energy and happiness with each other. We want our customers to see that, though we are all imperfect, we can provide beauty amongst it - not just through nail enhancement services, but through creating a bright place for when it seems dark. Just like the lotus flower, we are here to serve our customers with professionalism and love, and create a beautiful and purifying experience.